Ebb Software decided to clear the air about the studio's lack of communication with Scorn fans - and it didn't go great. The explanation resulted in many backers calling the recent Kickstarter update "hostile" and asking for a refund.

Originally, Scorn was supposed to launch in 2017, yet with the scope of the game constantly shifting, the creators later planned to release it in 2021 for next-gen only. However, the new crowdfunding goal was never met, and Ebb Software quietly delayed Scorn into 2022. At the same time, the team get pretty quiet with the fans on socials.

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Finally, the studio broke its silence... but maybe it shouldn't have. In a fairly detailed Kickstarter update, the team raised several issues faced with its lengthy work on Scorn, hinting that the project might end up in development hell. Everything done up until the middle of 2018 has been reworked, and 90 percent of it was completely scrapped. Following the latest Scorn trailer released in October 2020, the team says it has been too busy to share its progress.

The studio believes "no amount of updates are going to make the game come out sooner." As an example, the devs pointed to Cyberpunk 2077, saying that it "should've been delayed for a year." CDPR did of course have a successful PR campaign, complete with CGI trailers, but that didn't help the final game. Therefore, Ebb plans to begin the Scorn marketing at the very end of the development process.

Despite the developer saying that it realizes fans will be frustrated, there were some harsh words for the community - simply saying: "ask for a refund and be done with it." Apparently, that was not the answer players were hoping for after several years of waiting — especially considering the project was funded by the players in the first place.


Dozens of backers labelled the update "hostile" and said the studio is being unprofessional. Fans were surprised that, instead of showing at least one new screenshot, the studio simply told the community to stop bothering them. To capture the mood, here's a selection of comments: "This is unacceptable and disgraceful to read," "You guys have gotten way too arrogant," "The tone of his post is absolutely horrendous."

Some backers, on the other hand, seem to be fine with the lingering Scorn development and the team's mood. They say they'd rather wait another ten years than have a Cyberpunk 2077-esque release.

As for Scorn, the devs did mention its Kepler Interactive Group deal, and said the game has indeed slipped into 2022. More updates are currently scheduled for December 10 — so with a bit of luck, fans might get a new sneak peek at the unsettling horror game in just a month.

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