Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl bring tons of beloved features back to the remakes, including Pokemon contests. These are all about your Pokemon's looks instead of how they do in battle and add an additional challenge to the game. Super contests aren't a feature you have to participate in but are instead side content that all trainers should try out at least once.

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Contests can be a bit daunting at first, especially if you have never played the original games or learned about Poffins. The guide below is here to help you get a grasp on the formula so that you can easily win your first few shows.

Where Are Super Contests Located?

Pokemon Starting line-up

You won't be able to start competing in shows until after you have gotten your second gym badge and used your bike to get to Hearthome City. As soon as you arrive, you will run into a judge and be invited to the contest center; once there, you can start competing in contests. There are a variety of difficulty levels, including Shining, which will unlock after mastering the rest of the categories.

You can also choose to do practice contests to get a grasp on the system, and there is even a counter that allows you to set up multiplayer contests.

How Do You Win Super Contests?

Super Contest rhythm mini-game

Winning contests is actually pretty easy once you get the science of wowing the judges down. There are three parts to each super contest, and by memorizing them all, you can win the show. The things you need to concentrate on doing are:

  • Decorate Pokeballs with corresponding stickers for a grand entrance.
  • Keep a rhythm in the dance mini-game.
  • Choose and set off a move that corresponds with the contest type
  • Feed your Pokemon poffins to raise its visual appeal.

You can decorate several different pokeballs with stickers and select the design you want to use before entering into a contest. This can add extra points to your visual rating, and there is a store in Floaroma Town where you can easily acquire more stickers.

In addition to this, you will need to feed your Pokemon poffins that correspond to the contest type that you want to enter them in. They'll raise your Pokemon's cool, beauty, smart, cute, or tough conditions and Pokemon will favor different kinds depending on their nature. The stats that poffins give you is one of the biggest influences in winning a contest. Find out how to create them in our guide to poffins.

Lastly, you will want to worry about the rhythm mini-game, these get harder as you go up in rank, but with a bit of practice, they can easily be won. During the mini-game, you will be able to set off your show move. This move is selected by you before the contest starts; using them at the appropriate time can help you win more hearts during the mini-game.

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