Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is a pretty faithful remake that brings back all of the elements from the beloved Gen four Nintendo DS games. This of course means that super contests make their comeback, and winning them is a bit more complex than just getting the right moves onto your show Pokemon.

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A huge part of winning super contests will come from feeding your show Pokemon handmade poffins. These are a bit complex as there are several different types you can make. Not every Pokemon will like them all, and finding the poffin case can be a bit confusing. This guide will help you through.

Where To Get The Poffin Case In BDSP

Poffin-Case-Pokemon Cropped

You won't be able to make poffins or enter contests until you defeat the second gym leader and arrive in Hearthome City. Once there you will run into a contest judge and learn a bit about poffins. You will need to obtain an item called a poffin case in order to begin making them yourself.

To do this, head to the Pokemon Fan Club that is located a few buildings down from the Pokemon Market. Here you will find an older gentleman in the middle of the room who will provide you with the case for free.

Once you get the case you can access it using your inventory, this is where you can choose which poffins you want to feed to your Pokemon.

Making Poffins In BDSP

Cooking a Poffin

You can make poffins by going to the Poffin House. Once here, speak with the lady next to the mixer to get started. You will need to play a short mini-game to make poffins and it takes some getting used to, so don't get discouraged if you fail your first few tries. You need berries to make poffins and will need to mix together up to four at a time.

  • Quick tip: If you burn the poffin consistently, spill the mixture, or mix the wrong berries then you will just end up with a fowl poffin.

You will need to use both sticks to mix the brew, if you spin it too fast, then the batter will spill out of the pot. If you mix it too slow, then it will end up getting burnt. The game will randomly tell you to switch your mixing direction, so it's hard to get down a rhythm that allows you to quickly switch directions without spilling or burning the mixture. This is one of those things that just takes practice.

You will generally want to make poffins using four berries, as you will get four poffins from each batch.

  • Quick Tip: When picking berries to make poffins always make sure to replant one berry to keep a constant supply of berries growing.

The amount of poffins you make is directly linked to the number of berries you use. At the end of the mini-game, it will be revealed what type of poffin you have made, how long it took you to make it, and how many accidents you had while creating it.

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Different Poffin Types In BDSP

A dry-sweet poffin

Every berry has its own taste profile that can be checked from the selection menu, but you will need to be careful when combining them together.

Be warned, if you use more than one of each berry type when making a poffin, then you will make a fowl poffin regardless of burns and spills. Here is what each taste will create:

Flavor Contest Category
Bitter Cleverness
Dry Beauty
Sour Toughness
Sweet Cuteness
Spicy Coolness

You will want to use berries that have similar taste pallets to create poffins that really increase the stats you need for the contest. Please note that foul poffins stats tend to be on the random side, have low effectiveness, and are best not to be fed to any of your Pokemon.

Pokemon Poffin Preferences

Mew eating a Poffin

Once you've made your poffins, you can begin feeding them to your Pokemon until their sheen maxes out. The type of poffins that your Pokemon likes is dependent on their nature, so you may find that some of your Pokemon won't work out for shows as you had planned. Here is a chart to help you determine taste preferences:

Nature Loved Flavors Hated Flavors
Naughty Spicy Bitter
Hardy Any None
Relaxed Sour Sweet
Quirky Any None
Sassy Bitter Sweet
Modest Dry Spicy
Hasty Sweet Sour
Rash Dry Bitter
Calm Bitter Spicy
Naive Sweet Bitter
Docile Any None
Serious Any None
Naive Sweet Bitter
Quiet Dry Sweet
Bold Sour Spicy
Careful Bitter Dry
Timid Sweet Spicy
Gentle Bitter Sour
Mild Dry Sour
Bashful Any None
Lax Sour Bitter
Impish Sour Dry
Adamant Spicy Dry
Jolly Sweet Sour
Lonely Spicy Sour

You can check your Pokemon's nature at any time by bringing up their profile. Choosing wisely when it comes to poffins for your Pokemon will help you excel in the Super Contest.

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