Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl may not have all the Pokemon in the Pokedex yet, but the ones they do have are pretty interesting. Just like in the Nintendo DS games, there are lots of mysteries to uncover in Sinnoh if you want to complete the Pokedex.

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One of these comes in the form of the electric-type Pokemon Rotom, who is seemingly nowhere to be found. There is only a single Rotom in the whole game, and it has very specific requirements you need to complete in order to catch it. If you are trying to complete your Pokedex, then keep reading below to learn how to catch Rotom.

How to Get Rotom

TV in the Old Chateau

Rotom is a reclusive Pokemon that has hidden itself away inside of BDSP. To get Rotom and unlock its forms, there is a few hurdles you will need to get over first:

  • Beat the Elite Four and the Champion.
  • Go to Eterna Forest at night, by the entrance next to Oreburgh City.
  • Cut the trees next to the entrance and head north into the Old Chateau.
  • Once inside, go up the steps and through the doorway in the center of the room.
  • Next, you will need to go into the room with the TV.
  • Interact with the TV.

Once you have pressed A on the TV, Rotom will pop out and battle you. He is only level 15, so be sure to bring a low-level Pokemon or just start throwing ultra balls as he isn't really hard to catch. Once he is caught, a key will appear in the same room as the TV. Take this key to the Galactic Building back in Eterna City and unlock the locked door. The room inside will have five different appliances, and interacting with them while Rotom is in your party will allow you to change his form.

Appliance Type Type
Mower Grass and Electric
Washing Machine Water and Electric
Rotary Fan Flying and Electric
Microwave OVen Fire and Electric
Refrigerator Ice and Electric

These typings easily make up for the fact that Rotom doesn't have an evolutionary form and can be switched by revisiting the room at any time.

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