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Misdreavus is one of the rarest little ghosts on the block. Pokemon Gold & Silver introduced the cutie, but players couldn't hope to catch one until the tail end of the post-game chapter. Misdreavus ghosted us all in Ruby & Sapphire, refusing to play a part in those games whatsoever. It wasn't until 2016's Pokemon Sun & Moon that this sassy spirit quit playing hard-to-get.

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Which begs the question: how rare is Misdreavus in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl? The answer, as strange as this may sound, is "yes and no." Misdreavus, you see, has multiple habitats in Shining Pearl — two of which you'll need to traverse to complete the game. There's no good reason you can't bag one here.

Brilliant Diamond, on the other hand, is entirely devoid of Misdreavus. If you fancy the witchy wanderer, we're sorry to say you have no choice but to trade for it with someone who owns Shining Pearl.

So, yes, it's exceptionally rare in Brilliant Diamond. Rare to the point of nonexistence. But it's practically a garden-variety ghost in Shining Pearl, so let's operate under the assumption that you or someone you know has a copy of the game.

Where to Find Misdreavus in Pokemon Shining Pearl

Pokemon BDSP Galactic Key

Owners of Shining Pearl should set their sights on Eterna Forest and Lost Tower. Misdreavus spawns in both locations. There's an upside and a downside to each of these.

The nice thing about Eterna Forest is that you arrive there very early in the game, shortly after obtaining your first of eight badges. On the other hand, Misdreavus will only appear at night. If nighttime is "no time" for your Nintendo Switch, you can always cheat a little bit by adjusting the console's clock.


Misdreavus has a 20 percent chance of showing up here, which is about even with everything else in this timeframe. Finding it shouldn't take but a handful of minutes.

As for Lost Tower? The sole downside is that your journey will take you there later than Eterna Forest, so folks who are itching for an immediate Misdreavus should already have one. However, Misdreavus can be found all day and night here on the first through fifth floors. There aren't any time-related barriers separating you from your eagerly awaited encounter, making Lost Tower the simpler method.

Where to Find a Dusk Stone

Misdreavus doesn't evolve at a set level. Instead, you'll need to acquire a Dusk Stone to facilitate its transformation.

Dusk Stones, like other Evolutionary Stones, are few and far between. Their scarcity is understandable; these are Pokemon BDSP's tickets to some high-powered pals. In all of Sinnoh, there's just one Dusk Stone that's guaranteed to be waiting for you, and it's at Team Galactic HQ in Veilstone City.

You need the Storage Key before you can snag it, though. If it's your first time in Veilstone City, try not to dwell on it, because the Storage Key doesn't become available until much later on.

The other option is to have a Pokemon with the Pickup ability in your party and, well, pray. Dusk Stones are pretty uncommon pickups. That said, you can technically get one far earlier this way. You just need a little luck on your side.

How to Evolve Misdreavus into Mismagius

pokemon mismagius

Select the Dusk Stone from your inventory and use it on your Misdreavus. After a flashy little evolution animation, your fledgling ghost becomes a powerful Mismagius.

Mismagius has fairly competitive Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed stats and can learn excellent moves like Shadow Ball, Psybeam, Dark Pulse, Thunder Wave, Will-O-Wisp, and Thief. It might not be the greatest Ghost-type in the online metagame, but a properly trained Mismagius can make all the difference in the world when you're going up against some of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl's tougher opponents.

More importantly, it has a witch hat. Who doesn't want a Pokemon with a witch hat?

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