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There are all sorts of held items in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, but few are as handy as Leftovers. When a Pokemon holds this, they heal several HP per turn in what is essentially the game's portable regeneration spell. No matter how many times your pal feasts, the Leftovers never dwindle.

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Such a limitless supply of reheated grub can prove invaluable. Grinding will require fewer visits to the Pokemon Center. Hunting for rare Pokemon will leave your party with fewer bruises along the way. Challenging battles like the ones against the Elite Four will be just a little bit less terrifying. You get the picture.

So, where are these delicious morsels of regenerative goodness hiding? There are three ways to obtain Leftovers in Pokemon BDSP. Two of these involve a single instance of the item located at a fixed location. No-fuss, no fretting, just a straight path to tasty turkey sandwiches. Or previously frozen poffins. Or whatever it is these Pokemon keep shoving in their mouths.

The last option can net you an unlimited supply of Leftovers. What's the catch? It could be hours before you find even one, let alone ten or more.

We'll go over each method separately so that you can decide how best to get your claws on these coveted crumbs.

Find Leftovers in the Grand Underground

Pokemon BDSP Glacial Cave

In the Grand Underground, there is exactly one spot where Leftovers can be found.

The Grand Underground is split up into several regions. Each region has a few small Pokemon hideaways and one large hideaway. You can check the size of each hideaway by viewing the Grand Underground's map while you're underground.


The easiest way to acquire Leftovers down here is by jumping down from Sinnoh's surface somewhere within the perimeter of Snowpoint City. You should be quite close to the northernmost large hideaway, which is called Glacial Cavern.

Turn left on your way in and run up the thin strip of snow that's positioned between two small bodies of water. Surf over the western water to the westernmost portion of land and you'll find some Leftovers just a few paces to the north.

Find Leftovers on Victory Road

Pokemon BDSP Leftovers

Alternatively, you can locate Leftovers on Victory Road. But unlike the copy in Glacial Cavern, you cannot acquire this until after you've received the National Dex, which means you have to finish the main story before you can reach this segment of Victory Road.

To get them, fly to the Pokemon League and surf across the small lake and all the way down the waterfall, then hop off and take this somewhat hidden entrance back into Victory Road. Follow the sole path through this room, using Rock Climb to continue further, then hang a left (be careful not to jump down that ledge!) and then another left past the trainer.

Head up the small hill beside the trainer, crossing the horizontally-situated bridge and exiting into another room. This room is pretty much as small as they come, leading you into the next room in a flash. You'll know you're on the right track if you need to use Defog in the following room.

Now, surf across the water just east of your starting location. You'll see a Poke Ball ahead. Hop back onto dry land and the second batch of Leftovers is yours.

Find Leftovers Via Pickup

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Pokeradar Shaking Grass

Take note here: Leftovers is a very rare fetch. But if you need more than just the aforementioned pair, this is how it's going to happen. Any Pokemon with the Pickup ability has a small chance of snagging the item at any given time.

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, some prime Pickup partners include Pachirisu and Meowth. Either one will do, though Pachirisu is pretty common, so there's a higher likelihood that you'll bump into one during your travels.

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