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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is a huge game that brings back the beloved Sinnoh region. This includes the unique underground system that allowed you to mine for rare gems and build your very own secret base. The Underground has been overhauled for the remakes and is now called the Grand Underground.

In addition, several changes have been made, like being able to catch Pokemon, doing away with furniture for your secret base, and adding in a new way to catch shiny Pokemon. To get the most out of your Grand Underground experience, keep reading the guide below to learn more about its features.

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Updated on November 26, 2021, by Jessica Thomas: This article has been updated to add the list of Sinnoh Pokemon and National Dex Pokemon that can be caught in the Grand Underground. These Pokemon can be caught in their corresponding biomes and all have different levels of rarity. Keep reading below to learn more about the Grand Underground and what types of Pokemon you can find there.

How To Access The Grand Underground

Getting the Explorer's Kit

In order to gain access to the Grand Underground, you will need to enter the house beside Eterna City's Pokemon Center. There you will find an old man who will talk to you about spelunking. Afterward, he will give you the explorer kit, and you will enter the Grand Underground for the first time.


Once you are there, you will need to find three gems and then speak with the same man who gave you the explorer kit. He will reward you with a drill that allows you to create secret bases.

Grand Underground Features

Grand Underground Biome

The Grand Underground has several different features for you to enjoy:

  • Access to specialized Pokemon Hideaways where you can catch rare Pokemon,
  • The ability to dig for gems, evolution stones, statues, plates, and rare fossils.
  • The ability to build a secret base and display statues
  • The ability to increase your chance of finding shiny Pokemon.
Gem Exchange

The Grand Underground is divided into several different areas, all of which can be accessed by using the explorer's kit in different parts of Sinnoh. Each area has mystery rooms that contain Pokemon, some of which aren't in the Sinnoh Dex, many of which can make your game much easier if you can catch them. Here are the different locations you need to go to get into different parts of the Grand Underground:

  • Twinleaf Town
  • Eterna City
  • Celestic Town
  • Snowpoint City
  • Sunyshore City
  • Fight Area

In addition, while searching the underground, you will run into Digletts and Dugtrios. There is a bar at the top of your screen, and each time you pick up a sparkle from them, you will gain a point. When the bar is full, your chances of finding a shiny will be doubled. Keep in mind that this will still mean you still may have to search through thousands of Pokemon to find one.

Sinnoh Pokemon You Can Find in the Grand Underground Pokemon Hideaways

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground Dazzling Cave Elekid

You can get tons of unique Pokemon by exploring Pokemon Hideaways in the grand underground. Below is the list of Sinnoh Pokemon you can find in Pokemon Hideaways:

Pokemon Rarity
Murkrow Common
Zubat Common
Budew Common
Bidoof Common
Shinx Common
Graveler Common
Hippopotas Common
Lickitung Rare
Cherubi Common
  • Male: Common
  • Female: Rare
Rhyhorn Rare
Misdreavus Rare
Gastly Common
Ponyta Common
Roselia Common
Bronzor Common
Magby Rare
Girafarig Rare
Kadabra Rare
Croagunk Common
Meditite Common
Houndoom Rare
Scyther Rare
Pachirisu Common
Kricketot Common
Machop Common
Psyduck Common
Geodude Common
Snorunt Rare
Glalie Rare
Mr. Mime Rare
Machoke Common
Buneary Common
Magnemite Rare
Absol Rare
Elekid Rare
Swablu Rare
Golbat Common
Hoothoot Common
Chingling Common
Bibarel Common
Pinsir Rare
Stunky Common
Duskull Rare

National Dex Pokemon You Can Find in the Grand Underground Pokemon Hideaways


Once you obtain the National Pokedex, the Grand Underground will gain a massive roster of new Pokemon to catch. Here are all the Pokemon we currently know appear after getting the National Dex in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl:

Ekans Magcargo Cyndaquil Farfetch'd
Delibird Mawile Slugma Horsea
Tyrogue Illumise Torchic Totodile
Volbeat Nidorino Phanpy Shellder
Baltoy Dusclops Vulpix Squirtle
Sealeo Solrock Trapinch Miltank
Nidoran♀ Nidorina Zigzagoon Treecko
Mareep Pineco Charmander Skitty
Flaaffy Grimer Numel Sunkern
Nidorino Tropius Camerupt Doduo
Natu Ariados Torkoal Skiploom
Tauros Qwilfish Growlithe Rattata
Snubbull Seviper Chimchar Raticate
Wobbuffet Banette Shuckle Mankey
Seel Ledian Sandshrew Primeape
Dewgong Cacnea Sandslash Nuzleaf
Chinchou Cacturne Lairon Seedot
Lanturn Paras Lombre Nincada
Aron Tangrowth Surskit Shelgon
Nidoran♂ Tangela Rhydon Hoppip
Krabby Weepinbell Vibrava Staryu
Beldum Weezing Carvanha Bagon
Cubone Seviper Lotad Chikorita
Furret Zangoose Clamperl Kecleon
Walrein Bellsprout Slowpoke Drowzee
Sentret Caterpie Poliwhirl Sableye
Voltorb Oddish Corphish Dratini
Spheal Gloom Crawdaunt Weedle
Ditto Venonat Mudkip Mightyena
Poochyena Venomoth Poliwag Kirlia
Corsola Bulbasaur

How To Win The Dig Mini-Game

Digging mini-game

Another main feature is the ability to dig for gems, rocks, plates, statues, fossils, and evolution stones. To find dig areas use your radar by pressing R near the orange squares on the map. The areas where you can dig are indicated by a sparkle on the wall.

  • You will then go into a dig mini-game where you have two tools, a pick that only allows you to break through a small area of the wall and a hammer for smashing through larger areas quickly.
  • At the beginning of the mini-game, the game will tell you how many hidden objects are in the wall.
  • The key is to use the pick to locate gems and dig out the small ones, while the hammer is used to quickly clear away the rocks around bigger finds.
  • There is a crack at the top of the wall that indicates how long you have until the wall collapses; the hammer makes the crack form faster.

At the end of the mini-game, you will get a recap of the items you found, and the game will automatically open any boxes you found. Afterward, these will automatically be added to your inventory. You can also find rare hold items and the fossils you find can be turned back into Pokemon for your team.

Once you have gathered enough gems, you can exchange them for items by finding a trader, traders give a variety of items for gems like TMs and podiums to set your statues on.

What Do Statues Do?

Statue Box

The idea of decorating your secret base with furniture has been replaced with a statue system. Statues can be displayed in your secret base and will up the rate of the Pokemon type you encounter while in the underground biomes. You can place 18 statues in your secret base, and the entire thing works on a grid system, so you do have to be a bit strategic, especially if you have larger statues like Dustox. Luckily, the bigger the statue you place, the higher your chances of finding Pokemon of the same type will be.

Later in the game, you will be able to make your secret base bigger, allowing you to display even more statues. In addition, after catching legendaries, you will be able to get legendary statues that greatly increase your chance of finding certain Pokemon types.

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