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Few Pokemon have earned as much adoration as Eevee and its whopping eight potential evolutions. That's nine Pokemon right there, but we wouldn't be surprised if every last one ranked in the top 50 or so most popular species. Yet even among "Eeveelutions," there exists a popularity hierarchy. Glaceon has long since secured a comfortable spot near the top, which makes procuring one in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl feel all the sweeter.

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Getting Glaceon isn't a difficult task so much as a precise one. We'll let you know exactly what to do so that you can start flinging Ice Beams from an adorable blue fox posthaste.

Finding Eevee

Eevee with Cutiefly.

There's no Glaceon without Eevee, and there's no Eevee without the title of Sinnoh League Champion. Indeed, this precious little bundle of brown fluff cannot be obtained in Pokemon BDSP until after the credits have rolled.

While it's unfortunate that we can't travel Sinnoh in search of Gym Badges with one, the truth is that for many players, Pokemon games don't truly begin until the "end." Competitive online matches, perfection-seeking breeding regimens, Battle Tower highs and lows, shiny-hunting shenanigans... even just booting up your game for a friendly stroll with your pal — there are plenty of reasons to stick around after earning the champion's crown.

Once you're back at your house and ready to tackle Pokemon BDSP's post-game, fly over to Sandgem Town at your leisure. Meet with Professor Rowan for a nice chat. Afterward, head to Hearthome City and enter Bebe's house. A quick conversation later, and Eevee is all yours!


How to Evolve Eevee into Glaceon

glaceon pokemon anime

In Pokemon Sword & Shield, evolving Eevee into either Glaceon or Leafeon was done by way of Ice Stones and Leaf Stones, respectively. This is because the Galar region lacks the Ice and Moss Rocks, fixed locations that facilitate these two Sinnoh-based Eevee evolutions.

But in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, we're back to fourth-generation basics, which means locating the Ice Rock is your number one priority. Fly to Snowpoint City and journey south down Route 217. You'll soon come upon a house with a rock behind it that is unlike any other in the game.

If you're having trouble locating the Ice Rock due to extreme weather conditions in the area, head south down the far right side of the map, moving parallel to the trees that serve as Route 217's natural eastern barrier. This should take you straight to the house.

Have your Eevee level up within close proximity of the Ice Rock. Once that fateful fight concludes, Eevee will evolve into Glaceon not unlike how many Pokemon evolve post-battle. The difference, of course, being that this wouldn't have happened anyplace else in Sinnoh.

Teach your new best friend some stellar moves like Frost Breath, Shadow Ball, and Mirror Coat, and this speedy sweetheart will be ready to take on slow and tanky Pokemon with aplomb.

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