Some of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl won't evolve naturally as they level up. Instead, they require Evolutionary Stones. Compelling these species to evolve couldn't be easier — all you have to do is select the correct stone in your key items pocket and apply it to the proper Pokemon.

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But finding them is a different matter entirely. Evolutionary Stones have always been especially tough to come by in the Sinnoh region, and since the majority of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl's features emulate the original fourth-generation titles to a tee, they aren't exactly hiding around every corner of the game.

Our guide is the resource you'll need not only to find every Evolutionary Stone but to learn which Pokemon evolve from Evolutionary Stones as well.

Every Evolutionary Stone in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Pokemon BDSP Galactic Key

To keep things cozy, we've assembled a chart for you to reference whenever you're on the hunt for one of these rare rocks. Bookmark this page and consult the chart when needed.

Type of Stone Locations Pokemon
  1. Fuego Ironworks (Explore)
  2. Fuego Ironworks (Gift from Fuego)
  3. Grand Underground (Treasure)
  4. Grand Underground (Sphere Trade)
  • Eevee to Flareon
  • Growlithe to Arcanine
  • Vulpix to Ninetales
  1. Route 213 (Explore)
  2. Route 230 (Rock Smash Boulder)
  3. Grand Underground (Treasure)
  4. Grand Underground (Sphere Trade)
  • Eevee to Vaporeon
  • Staryu to Starmie
  • Lombre to Ludicolo
  • Poliwhirl to Poliwrath
  • Shellder to Cloyster
  1. Sunyshore City (Explore)
  2. Grand Underground (Treasure)
  3. Grand Underground (Sphere Trade)
  • Eevee to Jolteon
  • Pikachu to Raichu
  • Grand Underground (Treasure)
  • Grand Underground (Sphere Trade)
  • Clefairy (Rare Held Item)
  • Clefairy to Clefable
  • Nidorino to Nidoking
  • Nidorina to Nidoqueen
  • Jigglypuff to Wigglytuff
  • Skitty to Delcatty
  1. Floaroma Meadow (Explore) (Enter from
  2. Fuego Ironworks; behind Honey Man's house)
  3. Grand Underground (Treasure)
  4. Grand Underground (Sphere Trade)
  • Gloom to Vileplume
  • Weepinbell to Victreebell
  • Nuzleaf to Shiftry
  1. Grand Underground (Treasure)
  2. Grand Underground (Sphere Trade)
  • Gloom to Bellossom
  • Sunkern to Sunflora
  1. Lost Tower (Explore)
  2. Happiny (Rare Held Item)
  • Chansey to Blissey

NOTE: Held item; level Chansey up during daytime hours
  1. Mt Coronet 1F (Explore) (Requires Surf)
  2. Pickup Ability (Rare)
  • Kirlia (M) to Gallade
  • Snorunt (F) to Froslass
  1. Team Galactic HQ (Requires Storage Key)
  2. Pickup Ability (Rare)
  • Murkrow to Honchkrow
  • Misdreavus to Mismagius
  1. Iron Island B3F (Explore)
  2. Pickup Ability (Rare)
  • Togetic to Togekiss

Tips for Finding Stones

Grand Underground Biome

Before we go, here are a few things to keep in mind as you comb the Sinnoh surface (and subterranean zones) for Evolutionary Stones.

Digging for these hot commodities in the Grand Underground is an exercise in extreme patience. Unless you are lucky, you're going to acquire a ton of Shards and Spheres before you find any. Sphere Traders spawn throughout the Grand Underground, so finding them can be arduous as well.

For this reason, the Evolutionary Stones with fixed locations are the most appealing of the bunch. But since you can only search the specified areas after certain points in the story — all of which occur after you receive the Explorer Kit in Eterna City — folks who are eager to evolve early-game Pokemon as quickly as possible may find the Grand Underground excursions to be worth the extra legwork.

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