Pikmin Bloom has taken quite a few cues from other GPS type games. Not everything in the game is meant to be done on your own, and some activities, like big flowers and raids, are there to give you and other players a sense of community.

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If you just started playing the game though, it can be a bit hard to get a grasp on everything you are supposed to do, as the game has several different mechanics that you will only discover once you decide to take a walk around town. Below is a guide to the game's big flowers that you'll find sprinkled around the map.

Where To Find Big Flowers In Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom big flowers blooming

Big flowers can typically be found in populated areas within a city. They are generally found at the following types of locations:

  • Restraunts
  • Historical buildings
  • Shopping Plazas
  • Parks
  • City Attractions

The places Big Flowers are found can vary from town to town, but you will be able to view them on your map once you get close enough. As the picture above shows, the flowers may look like sprouts if they haven't yet bloomed.

Flowers will stay around for five days, so if no one else is around, you can work on a sprout during your daily walk until it blooms.

What Should You Do With Big Flowers In Pikmin Bloom?

Pikmin Bloom close up of flower and location

Generally, flowers aren't always going to be blooming when you reach them, especially if you live in a more rural area. What you will need to do is work with others to make the flower bloom.

  • There are three stages sprout, bud, and flower, first identify what stage you are at.
  • Your phone will show you the radius you can walk around in to plant flowers, and by tapping on the sprout or bud, you will learn how many more flowers need to be planted before it blooms.
  • Be sure to walk in new places as you can't plant flowers over the top of one another.
  • Each stage takes 300 flowers, so in total, it takes 600 flowers to make a big flower bloom.

Once a flower has bloomed, it will stay this way for 24 hours before reverting to a bud. Typically the color of the flower will be determined by the most predominant flower coloring that players have planted around it. Once the flower has bloomed, it will release rare fruit; so you will then want to send you Pikmin on an expedition to bring it back.

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