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After years of waiting, looter shooter fans can finally explore the hostile planet of Enoch in Outriders, a third-person shooter that blends visceral gunplay with devastating abilities. Utilizing your powers will be necessary to not only survive but to obtain the game's best loot.

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It wouldn't be a looter shooter without loot, right? And Outriders sure delivers on that front. Unprecedented build diversity and interesting loot set Outriders apart from the competition. If this is your first time on Enoch, welcome. This hub page will take you from the very basics of Outriders to its most difficult content. From builds to content walkthroughs, there's something for everyone.

Before you give Outriders a try, be sure you can run the game on your preferred device. You can check the game's system requirements here.

Updated November 21st, 2021, by Charles Burgar: Outriders: New Horizon is here, bringing with it a wide range of balance changes, four new Expeditions, a transmog system, and more. We've added our New Horizon Expedition guides to our hub page, updated a few of our build guides, and reworked this hub page to make navigation much easier. Use the table of contents above to find what you're looking for.

Learning The Basics

Outriders Trickster Legendary Armor Set

Surviving on Enoch will take more than a basic understanding of weapons. Outriders features a breadth of gear modifications, status ailments, and systems you can utilize to crush your opposition. If you're new to Outriders or looking for a refresher on how certain systems work, we have you covered.


Gameplay Basics

Tips And Tricks

How To Fix Common Bugs

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Build And Class Guides

Outriders Characters

Surviving endgame Expeditions will require powerful builds that push the boundaries of what your class is capable of. Unprecedented levels of crowd control, nigh-invulnerability, and a barrage of devastating abilities are just a few things you can expect from these builds. We'll cover what skills to use, how to allocate your skill tree, which gear to farm for, and how to utilize these builds to their breaking point.

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Of course, you'll need a thorough understanding of how your class operates before you can push Challenge Tier 15 Expeditions. That's where our class guides come in. We'll give a detailed look at the pros and cons of each class, giving an in-depth look at their skills, passives, and general playstyle.

Devastator Pyromancer Technomancer Trickster
Outriders Devastator Best Builds Outriders Pyromancer Best Builds Outriders Technomancer Best Builds Outriders Trickster Best Builds
Class Guide Class Guide Class Guide Class Guide
Best Build Best Build Best Build Best Build
Invincible Devastator Fire Witch Pyromancer Support Technomancer Twisted Trickster Temporal Edge

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Campaign Walkthrough

Outriders Enoch

Outriders features a comprehensive, 24-mission campaign that will take 15-20 hours to complete for most players. From your first minutes on Enoch to the game's final boss, we'll guide you through every combat encounter, point out every hidden chest, and give detailed breakdowns on how to defeat each boss.

Arrival, Tempest, and Carnage
Rift Town First City Eagle Peaks Deadrock Pass
Outriders Reunion Quest Solar Tower Outriders Salvation Quest Alpha Perforo Outriders Frequency Quest Featured
Reunion Dedication Salvation Inferno Frequency Detour
Trench Town Quarry Forest Enclave The Stronghold
Outriders Mentor Quest Brood Mother Outriders Expedition Quest Battery 3 Behemoth
Mentor Onslaught Expedition Mayhem Asylum Judgement
Ancient Ruins The Gate Dunes Utargak
Outriders Relics Quest Featured Outriders Retaliation Quest Featured Outriders Beyond Warlord Outriders Bonds
Relics Retaliation Frontier Beyond Bonds
Desolate Fort Canyon Of The Grand Obelisk Pax City The Caravel
Outriders Echoes Outriders Babylon
Echoes Sacrifice Babylon Humanity

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Endgame Essentials

Outriders Legendary Armor Sets

After completing the campaign, players get access to Outriders' endgame Expeditions. These unique dungeons offer a high chance of legendary gear and are the only way to reach the item level cap of 50. Before you try your hand at speedrunning these missions, you'll want to check out the guides below. If you ever get stuck on a Challenge Tier or need resources, these guides will prove invaluable.

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Expedition And Quest Walkthroughs

Outrider Facing Monster

Outriders contains a wide range of quests and Expeditions for players to conquer. Farming quests for certain rewards? Attempting the Eye of the Storm for the first time? Looking to break into Outriders' endgame? Check out the links below.


Vanilla Expeditions
Outriders Archways of Enoch Expedition Obelisk Outriders Boom Town Dr. Detonator Boss Outriders Chem Plant Reactor Room Outriders Colosseum Boss
Archways of Enoch Boom Town Chem Plant Colosseum
Outriders The Drought Palace Expedition Outriders Eye of the Storm Expedition Yagak Outriders Heart Of The Wild Expedition
The Drought Palace Eye of the Storm Frontline Heart of the Wild
Outriders Marshland Caverns Expedition Final Boss Outriders Mountain Pass Expedition Apex Outriders Paxian Homestead Expedition Blood Merchant Boss Outriders Scorched Lands Expedition
Marshland Caverns Mountain Pass Paxian Homestead Scorched Lands
Outriders Stargrave Expedition Final Boss
Stargrave Timeworn Spire
New Horizon Expeditions
Outriders City of Nomads Kang's Fighters Outriders The Marshal's Complex Expedition Final Encounter Outriders New Horizon Molten Depths Outriders The Wellspring Expedition Boss
The City of Nomads The Marshal’s Complex Molten Depths The Wellspring


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Tier Lists

Outriders Legendary Weapon

Loot is paramount to the looter shooter genre, Outriders included. Chasing certain Legendaries for hours on end needs to be worth the hassle. Which weapons are worth farming for? These guides and tier lists will give you a clear idea of which items are above the rest. Weapons, armor sets, nothing is off the table here.

Ability Tier Lists

Legendary Tier Lists And Guides

Mod Tier Lists

Weapon Tier Lists

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Outriders Coverage

Outriders gameplay screenshot

If the demo is any indication, People Can Fly is sticking with Outriders for the long term. It might not be a live-service game, but this game is ripe for constant patches, additions, and news updates. News and features surrounding Outriders are all listed below.

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