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Halo Infinite has plenty of new toys for both old and new fans to murder each other with. But perhaps the best addition to the Halo universe is a piece of equipment known as the Grappleshot. This is a fancy name for what is essentially a grappling hook. Now many games have had grappling hooks before, but its inclusion in Halo Infinite allows for some of the smoothest and most fun movement that a Halo title has ever had.

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Being able to get around the sizeable maps with the greatest of ease is one thing, but the Grappleshot has other uses that make it the absolute best equipment in the whole game. So let's take a deep dive and figure how to utilize the Grappleshot to its full potential.

Updated November 30, 2021: Is Halo Infinite's Grappleshot still giving you trouble? We've updated this article to include a video guide further illustrating the best usage for this most awesome of grappling hooks.

How To Find And Use The Grappleshot

The Grappleshot can be found in the same places where you'd normally find equipment across the multiplayer maps currently available in Halo Infinite. To identify it, look for this triangular hook symbol.

halo infinite grappleshot item

Once you see that, you'll know that you've gotten your hands on one. Pick it up by simply walking over it or swapping out your current equipment for it. After that, you can use it like any other old piece of equipment.

While this is an excellent piece of equipment, it does have some limitations. First, its range doesn't go very far, so you need to get a feel for how long it can reach. It also has a limited amount of uses. In smaller game modes it can be used 3 times, while in the Big Team Battle playlist it has 5 uses. So don't go swinging around all willy nilly or you'll burn through it quickly.


What You Can Do With The Grappleshot

halo infinite grappleshot vehicle

What makes the Grappleshot so great? You may think that it's just a tool used to help your Spartan soldier get around, but it's a lot more versatile than that.

Yes, you can certainly use it to hook onto buildings and scenery to reach higher structures or move forward quickly. So if some pesky enemy is up above blasting your teammates with an S7 Sniper, you can Grappleshot your way up to them to teach them a violent lesson. Or if you're being shot at and need a quick escape, grapple onto a tree or some rocks to get out of harm's way. The vertical travel that it allows you to do would make it a valuable tool even if that's all it was good for, but it's capable of doing so much more beyond letting you swing around like Spider-Man.

Let's say you run into another player and engage in a fight with them. While you're shooting each other, you can use the Grappleshot to hook onto your enemy and attach directly to them. If you manage to connect to them with your Grappleshot, you'll be reeled in towards them so you can give them a good smack in the face. This lets you close the gap between you and your opponent, which can make quite a difference if you have a close-range weapon like the Bulldog or the Energy Sword. Doing this will also earn you a Harpoon medal on top of getting you an easy melee kill.

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If you're trying to get to a weapon or grenade before an enemy or even a teammate can, you can use the Grappleshot to snatch an item and bring it back to you. Stealing the SPNKR right out from under another player is both hilarious and convenient. You can also use it to grab objective items like a flag or a power seed.

There's one more use you can get out of the Grappleshot and it may be the best one. Vehicles are everywhere on some of the bigger maps. It can be a pain in the neck to constantly be killed by land vehicles like Warthogs and Ghosts or air vehicles like Banshees and Wasps. This is especially annoying with flying vehicles since you don't have a way to stop the pilot unless you get a decent weapon that can blow up their precious aircraft.

However, by using the Grappleshot, you can latch onto vehicles, kick out the current driver, and take it for yourself. Or in the case of vehicles like the Wraith, you can grapple to them and plant a grenade to take them out. Vehicles are still very effective in multiplayer, but the Grappleshot gives you a new option for dealing with them. You can also Grappleshot onto an empty vehicle to instantly board it, which can be handy if you want to get onto that Gungoose before someone else can.

So as you can see, the Grappleshot is much more than a regular old grappling hook. In the hands of a Spartan, it can be even more deadly than a Gravity Hammer.

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