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Graveyard Keeper is a game that has four different expansions for you to enjoy. The first expansion that was released was called Breaking Dead and allows you to make and use zombies to automate your work facilities.

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It can be a bit confusing to get started and get your zombies working, but once you get set up, you can make your own automated system. Best of all, you can start using zombies at the beginning of the game. To learn how to get things started, keep reading the guide below to learn about how zombies work and how they can make your life much easier.

How Do I Unlock and Make Zombies?

Gunter teaching the main character about zombie powder

You will be able to begin making zombies after you complete a short series of quests involving a new character named Gunther. To unlock zombies, you need to do the following:

  • Convince Snake to unlock the gate in your basement.
  • Walk down the hall until you reach Gunther and start his questline.
  • He will send you to get you a free zombie north of your home and teach you the zombie juice recipe.
  • Once this is completed, you should have the technology needed to make zombies.

You can make as many zombies as you want, but you will need to ensure that you have good quality bodies. There is a work efficiency stat that is affected by the skulls; simply do what you would to a normal body to increase the white skulls so that you can have an effective zombie army. You will get three free zombie juices, but you won't be able to make any more until the late game as you need the tier one alchemy workbench.

What Can Zombies Be Used For?

A zombie carving stone in Graveyard Keeper

Zombies can be used to automate the game; there is a large tree and quarry north of your house where you can place zombies to harvest wood or ore. Along with this, you will need a carrier zombie to bring the supplies to your house. In addition, just about every process aside from making alchemy mixtures can be automated; here's the list of what zombies can do for you:

  • Wood Cutting
  • Wood Gathering
  • Ore Mining
  • Stone Cutting
  • Writing Books
  • Make Jewelry
  • Use the Paper Press
  • Make Pottery

In addition, they can also transport the crates for shipping using the tunnel in your basement to automate your produce business. You can move a zombie from station to station at any point simply by walking up to them and picking them up. Afterward, just walk them to their new workstation and set them down to get them started on their new job.

If for any reason you feel you have too many zombies or just want to make a higher quality zombie from scratch, you can just throw them in the river. Keep in mind that items made by zombies, like books, can't be used to gain blue points, so be careful what stations you set them at.

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