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Graveyard Keeper is a simulation game with a heavy focus on crafting; as such, you will need to learn how to make a wide variety of items. The game doesn't always give you clear direction, though, so it can be easy to get turned around when learning to make items such as the tanning agent.

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Tanning agent is a late-game material that is crafted by combining a total of three other items, all of which have to be created using a different alchemy tool. To learn how to make a tanning agent, where to get the items, and what it's ultimately used for, keep reading the guide below.

How to Make Tanning Agent in Graveyard Keeper

Alchemy Table in Graveyard Keeper

You won't be able to make a tanning agent until you are pretty far into the game and will need to have three different items and four different types of alchemy stations available. Tanning agent is made by using a tier two alchemy workshop combined with the following items:

Ingredients How to Obtain
Slowing Powder Using an alchemy mill on spider webs and hops.
Death Solution Using a hand mixer on a dark brain or black jelly.
Order Extract
Using a distillation cube on green jelly or a white flower.

The hardest item to get is death powder due to the dark brain, as it has to come from special corpses. The black jelly is equally tough to get as it's only available from black slimes that reside in lower levels of the game's dungeon. All the other items are easy to get, but the death powder will likely bar you from making a tanning agent until you are several hours into the game.

Tanning Agent Uses

Book recipes in Graveyard Keeper

In the Graveyard Keeper base game, there is only one use for tanning agent, and that is used to make the hardcover. Using hardcovers is the only way to make silver and gold star books, which is an essential part of the game's prayer system.


If you have the Game of Crones DLC, you can also use the tanning agent to increase your inventory space by producing a variety of bag types. Two of these bag types will allow you to expand your storage so that you can carry more items around with you. Once you make the big universal bag, you will be able to carry up to twelve items at once.

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