Fall Guys Season 5 is winding down with three times the fame points to help you grind out the last few tiers on the season pass, but next week will bring an all-new season to Mediatonic's battle royale game.

Season 6 of Fall Guys will start on Tuesday, November 30. This "Party Spectacular," as it's being called, will have a circus theme to it according to the cinematic trailer, although not all of the costumes will follow the same aesthetic. For example, there's a Jin costume lurking in the shadows.

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But that's likely to come during a later event. To start the Party Spectacular season, players should get familiar with five all-new games that will also bring all-new obstacles like trapeze bars, water balloon cannons, and sucking vacuum tubes.

We'll start the party with Party Promenade, a new gauntlet-style map featuring many of the aforementioned new obstacles. Get to the end to grab the crown, but don't expect to arrive dry. Next on the list is Full Tilt, a new take on a classic Fall Guys round but now with 360-degree see-saws, force fields, and rapidly rotating bars.

Pipe Dream will feature a lot of vacuum tubes in a maze-like challenge full of flippers, fans, and moving platforms. Airtime challenges players with staying in the air as long as they can using the new trapezes to show off their aerial prowess. And finally, Leading Light will task beans with following the spotlight with whoever stealing the show longest declared the winner.

Besides the five new maps, there are 25 new costumes coming in Season 6, including a Christmas tree, Mardi Gras, clown, long Bean, hippie, Christmas gift, short shorts, Native American, and more (note, these names are unlikely to be the official in-game titles). The new Fame Path will provide players a source of 20 Crowns, 20,000 Kudos, and many of the aforementioned costumes. And new events will bring Ghost of Tsushima costumes and Sackboy for a limited time.


Fall Guys Season 6 Party Spectacular begins November 30 on all platforms. Note, you’ll need to have an Epic Games account to continue playing starting on November 30, but there will be cross-progression between PS4 and Steam accounts.

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