Fall Guys might have fallen off the map for a lot of you following its massive launch in 2020, but it is very much still around and about to start its sixth season. Mediatonic showcased the very first trailer for season six earlier today, revealing that its theme will be Party Spectacular and it will bring with it five completely new rounds. There was also a tease pointing to the game's next crossover.

Fall Guys didn't take long to confirm the suspicions of those who noticed the tease. As you can see in the tweet below, as well as new levels and a party atmosphere season six will also include a Ghost Of Tsushima crossover. The collaboration will include two skins, Jin Sakai and The Ghost, both of which can be unlocked by progressing through Fall Guys' Fame Path, which is what the game's battle pass is called.

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Ghost Of Tsushima might seem like an odd choice for a Fall Guys crossover, but it's in keeping with the PlayStation collaborations that started earlier this year and have continued throughout the summer. Ratchet & Clank skins have been added to the game, Kena and Rot from Bridge of Spirits followed, and it was also confirmed earlier this week that a Sackboy skin will be coming to Fall Guys next month.

Mediatonic has experimented with different ways to unlock its PlayStation skins. The Ratchet & Clank costumes could only be unlocked by completing specific challenges, while Kena and Rot could only be obtained by spending crowns. It seems the Ghost Of Tsushima crossover will change that formula again and, as highlighted above, simply be available through Fame Path progression.


The reveal of yet another PlayStation crossover has got people clamoring for news on when Fall Guys will finally arrive on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Fall Guys' arrival on more platforms was announced earlier this year. However, it was indefinitely delayed shortly after and hasn't been mentioned since. It seemed likely that Fall Guys had a one-year console exclusivity deal with PlayStation, but that clearly isn't the case as it has now been almost 16 months since it launched.

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