Fusion Rifles are Destiny's take on energy guns, firing a burst of energy after a short wind-up time. These weapons might have longer ranges than Shotguns, but Fusion Rifles are rarely seen in PvE or PvP content.

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These weapons might not be as easy to use as most Special weapons, but Fusion Rifles offer a playstyle that no other weapon can offer. Thanks to its unique perks and Exotics, Fusion Rifles are great weapons to use against majors, most bosses, and function as solid holdout weapons in Crucible. Here are the best Fusion Rifles players should have in Destiny 2.

Updated September 18th, 2021 by Charles Burgar: Since we originally released this article, the community has been hard at work determining which Fusion Rifles are the best. It's clear now that Rapid-Fire Fusions are fantastic now, both in PvE and PvP. One Thousand Voices is also an excellent pick for PvE now, all options that weren't mentioned in our last update. We've replaced a few entries with One Thousand Voices and some of Destiny 2's best Rapid-Fire Frame Fusion Rifles.

10 Glacioclasm

Destiny 2 Glacioclasm Fusion Rifle

How to obtain: Earn packages during The Dawning.

Bungie can't fool the community; this gun is Erentil FR4 with some ornaments attached to the barrel. It has similar stats to Erentil, is part of the same High-Impact archetype, and even rolls with perks that made Erentil so noteworthy.

While it can't roll with scopes, Glacioclasm still maintains the same degree of accuracy and lethality as its Year 2 counterpart. Under Pressure and High-Impact Reserves allows this weapon to kill enemies from hilariously long ranges in PvP. Range is something you'll need to keep in mind with this Fusion, as charging into the fray is much less viable now in PvP. But if you can pre-charge your Fusion and keep your aim steady, Glacioclasm can take out opponents from surprisingly long rangers.

Recommended Traits:

  • Column One: Killing Wind, Under Pressure (PvP), Slideshot (PvP)
  • Column Two: High-Impact Reserves (PvP), Swashbuckler

9 Bastion

Destiny 2 Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle

How to obtain: Purchased from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. It costs 1 Exotic Cipher, 100,000 Glimmer, 150 Etheric Spirals, and 1 Ascendant Shard.

Many members of the Destiny 2 community vastly underestimate Bastion. Supposedly the player character's favorite weapon, according to Saint-14, Bastion is a contender for one of the best PvP Exotics in Destiny 2.

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Damage falloff on Bastion begins at around 20 meters, which is much further than most Fusions. Instead of firing one burst, Bastion fires three in quick succession. The amount of damage this weapon does per shot is enough to shutdown Supers, although it can't kill a Guardian with one shot from the burst. It also has a rather extreme pellet spread, so you can't snipe players from across the map.

If players want to make this weapon a true terror, pair it with an Empowering Rift with Lunafaction Boots to hold down an objective. It's a powerhouse in Trials of Osiris and Competitive Crucible. It might not be the best Fusion Rifle for PvE, but this weapon is incredibly strong in PvP and worth a mention.

8 Jotunn

Destiny 2 Titan using Jotunn

How to obtain: Purchased from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. It costs 1 Exotic Cipher, 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Microphasic Datalattice, and 1 Ascendant Shard.

Jotunn is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that fires tracking Solar projectiles, instantly killing Guardians and most PvE enemies alike. It might look more like a toaster than a Fusion Rifle, but this weapon packs a serious punch.

After a long charge time, this weapon fires a slow-moving projectile that kills almost every non-boss enemy in a single blast. If the target lives, a burn DoT is applied to keep the damage going. Jotunn might not deal enough damage to use in pinnacle PvE content, yet its ease of use makes it a staple Exotic for some Crucible players. Set your sights on a target, fire a projectile, then wait for the fireball of death to make contact. From 6v6 Control to Trials of Osiris, Jotunn is a devastating pick.

7 Null Composure

Destiny 2 Null Composure Featured

How to obtain: Seasonal quest from Banshee-44.

Null Composure is the spiritual successor to Loaded Question, as it's one of the only Fusion Rifles to come with Reservoir Burst. It's somewhat lacking on a Rapid-Fire Frame, but Null Composure itself is an S-tier weapon after the Fusion Rifle rework.

Rapid-Fire Fusions are now the kings of DPS amongst the Fusion Rifle archetype. And thanks to Particle Deconstruction, Null Composure hits like a truck in all forms of content. If you need add-clear, you can run Reservoir Burst and a Fusion Rifle Loader mod on your legs to mimic what Loaded Question once did. If you need to burst down a Champion or boss, swap to High-Impact Reserves. Null Composure is a versatile Fusion Rifle that will never let you down.

Recommended Traits:

  • Column One: Feeding Frenzy (PvE), Heating Up (PvP)
  • Column Two: High-Impact Reserves

6 Plug One.1

Destiny 2 Plug One.1

How to obtain: Nightfall reward (rotates weekly).

Plug One.1 is one of the best PvE Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2. It's one of the only Fusion Rifles with Reservoir Burst, a perk originally found on Loaded Question. The first shot of your Fusion Rifle will deal increased damage and cause defeated targets to explode, making it a fantastic weapon for clearing red bars and majors alike.

Unlike Loaded Question, it's possible to chain Reservior Burst with each kill by using the Bottomless Grief perk. So long as you're the only member of your fireteam, this weapon will automatically reload itself after every kill, allowing you to chain Reservior Burst. Alternatively, you can use a holster mod on your leg armor to mimic how Loaded Question worked.

If you fancy PvP, Plug One.1 is surprisingly good against Guardians. It can roll with Heating Up and Kickstart, allowing you to play quite aggressively with this weapon while maintaining great accuracy. Killing Wind and Backup Plan also make for a solid panic weapon when you get rushed by a Shotgun user. Overall, Plug One.1 is one of the best Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2, provided you're capable of farming Nightfalls for a good roll.

Recommended Traits:

  • Column One: Feeding Frenzy, Heating Up (PvP), Killing Wind (PvP), Bottomless Grief (PvE)
  • Column Two: Reservoir Burst (PvE), Kickstart, Backup Plan (PvP)

5 Cartesian Coordinate

Destiny 2 Cartesian Coordinate

How to obtain: Legendary world Engrams and focused Umbral Engrams.

After the buff to Rapid-Fire Fusion Rifles, Cartesian Coordinate went from a horrible Fusion Rifle to one of the best. Its fast fire rate and solid base stats are more than enough reason to use it in PvP. Unlike Null Composure, Cartesian Coordinate has a slightly better selection of perks.

Vorpal Weapon and Feeding Frenzy is great on this weapon, granting a 15% damage buff against bosses and Champions with every shot. If you play PvP, Cartesian is a much better pick than Null Composure. Under Pressure and High-Impact Reserves synergize well on this weapon, giving it virtually no recoil and a noticeable damage buff. If you love Fusion Rifles at all, this weapon might become your new favorite Special.

Recommended Traits:

  • Column One: Feeding Frenzy (PvE), Under Pressure (PvP)
  • Column Two: Vorpal Weapon (PvE), High-Impact Reserves (PvP)

4 Merciless

Destiny 2 Merciless

How to obtain: Exotic Engrams

Merciless has seen some massive buffs in Season of the Lost. Beyond the damage change Fusions received, Merciless now deals much more damage while ramped up than before. This makes Merciless great as a DPS weapon in PvP. And thanks to the weapon's excellent stat package, it's also a monster in PvP.

Near-max range and stability make Merciless a dream to use in the Crucible. So long as you're willing to precharge the weapon between gunfights, Merciless is nothing short of a menace. In PvE, this weapon deals a respectable amount of DPS against bosses. Merciless is also capable of using the Particle Deconstructor mod this season, debuffing enemies by 40% in a single burst. When paired with its fast charge time after a few shots, Merciless is an S-tier Fusion Rifle for all Destiny content.

3 Telesto

Destiny 2 Telesto concept art

How to obtain: Exotic Engrams found through Xur or world drops.

Telesto fans frequently call it the "besto" of Fusion Rifles, and they have a point. Telesto is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that, when it's not breaking Destiny 2 in some obscure way, stands as one of the best Special weapons in the game.

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This is thanks to its Exotic perk causing Telesto to fire Void projectiles that stick to objects. This technically gives Telesto infinite range. So long as the projectiles hit their target, there's a good chance they'll disintegrate. You can also use the projectiles to create traps in PvP or turn a player into a walking bomb in PvE. Its potential for mayhem is endless and is definitely worth the Exotic slot.

2 One Thousand Voices


How to obtain: Last Wish raid (final encounter)

One Thousand Voices fell into obscurity shortly after it was introduced back in Forsaken. It deals a surprising amount of damage and is rather versatile, yet its acquisition method and overall damage output kept many players from using it.

The former hasn't changed, but the latter certainly has. This season's Particle Deconstruction mod has transformed this weapon into the ultimate utility heavy. Swarmed by dozens of enemies? Spray your beam to cover all of them. Is a boss giving you trouble? Focus the entire beam onto the boss, causing them to take the full 40% debuff before exploding for immense damage.

If that wasn't enough, One Thousand Voices is amazing for creating Warmind Cells and Elemental Wells. Wrath of Rasputin allows this weapon to spawn Warmind Cells reliably, allowing you to access the utility of Warmind Cells from your Heavy slot. If you don't like Warmind Cells, you can use Explosive Wellmaker to spawn Solar Elemental Wells with each beam. Needless to say, One Thousand Voices has limitless potential that's only limited by your armor mod slots.

1 Vex Mythoclast

Destiny 2 Vex Mythoclast

How to obtain: Vault of Glass raid.

Talk about a complete 180. Vex Mythoclast originally released as a rather underwhelming raid Exotic in Destiny 2, suffering from a clunky Overcharge mechanic and low range. Bungie corrected that with Season of the Lost. Honestly, they might have overcorrected a little too much.

Vex Mythoclast is a terrifying add-clearing, boss-slaying Fusion Rifle. Its primary fire releases high-powered bolts that disintegrate most red bars with ease. After you gain six Overcharge stacks, you can unleash three Linear Fusion Rifle shots that outshine most Legendary LFRs. It deals excellent damage, can ramp up its damage with its Catalyst, pairs exceptionally well with Quick Charge + High-Energy Fire, and it has infinite ammo. If you're willing to use Elemental Wells and this season's Particle Deconstruction mod, Vex Mythoclast can output enough damage to bypass most Special weapons. Don't be surprised if Bungie walks back on some of the buffs Vex Mythoclast got this season; it's absurdly strong in its current state.

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