Similar to The Whisper and Zero Hour missions, Season of the Hunt's Harbinger mission has a unique Exotic ship for Guardians to chase. Named the Radiant Accipiter, this ship contains multiple feather decals that make it loosely based on Hawkmoon.

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Earning this ship will require you to complete the Bird of Prey quest in its entirety. Besides completing the Harbinger mission, you'll need to collect 100 Paracasual Feathers while in the Harbinger mission. We'll go over how you can complete the Harbinger mission, find all 15 hidden feathers, then claim the ship for yourself. Here is a complete guide to earning the Radiant Accipitier ship in Destiny 2.

Pick Up The Bird Of Prey Mission

Destiny 2 Crow Quest

Travel to the Tangled Shore and speak to Crow. He will have an Exotic quest named Bird of Prey that you can obtain. Upon grabbing the quest, it'll ask you to complete the Harbinger mission. Head to the EDZ to start it.

Step 1: Complete The Harbinger Mission

Destiny 2 Harbinger Final Arena

The Harbinger mission can be found in the southeast building in Trostland. On the second floor, look for a wooden panel covering a fireplace on the northern wall. Shoot it with Hawkmoon a few times to break the panel, revealing a tunnel. Interact with the terminal just past the panel you broke to start the mission.


For a complete guide on the Harbinger mission itself, check out our complete guide.

Step 2: Collect 100 Paracasual Feathers

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 2 Feather 4

Every encounter completion in the Harbinger mission will grant Paracasual Feathers. This step asks that you obtain 100 of them. To speed this up, you can also find five hidden feathers throughout the mission each week. These feather locations change weekly on a set rotation.

We'll list all of the Harbinger mission's Paracasual Feathers in the next three sections. If you already know these locations, feel free to skip to the end of the article to find the final step. For everyone else, let's go over where you can find each feather.

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Note: Once you find 100 Paracasual Feathers, hidden feathers stop spawning! The Lightseeker Triumph, which asks you to find five hidden feathers in a given week, is also currently bugged. If you care about completing this Triumph, it might be a good idea to wait until Bungie patches this bug until you go feather hunting.

Feather Locations: Week One

Wizard Area

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 1 Feather 1

When you run through the Blighted door entrance, you will enter a small room with a fenced-off area to your right. To open it, hit the switch directly across from the entrance you came from. Hit the switch, then run into the fenced area to grab this feather.

Centurion Area

Destiny 2 Harbinger Feather Week 1 Feather 2

You can find the first Paracasual Feather in the Centurion Emisarry's boss arena. When you enter the blue room it resides in, hop up to the catwalk in the center of the room. The feather will be lying on the ground.

Captain Area

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 1 Feather 3

On your way to the Captain Emissary, you'll stumble across a circular room with three floors. Instead of entering the Captain's boss room, jump up to the platform on the top floor. You'll find a feather lying atop a box.

Hollowed Grove Path

Destiny 2 Hallowed Rift Feathers

During the Hollowed Grove jumping section, you'll come across an isolated plot of land with a depressed metal platform above it. This area is right before the path to the final boss. Jump towards this area, then look for a feather on a stone cube.

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 1 Feather 4

Outside The Boss Arena

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 1 Feather 5

Just before you fight the Unstoppable Phalanx guarding the boss arena, turn right to find a narrow path along a cliff. Run to the end of this path to find a feather.

Feather Locations: Week Two

Wizard Area

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 2 Feather 1

Enter the Wizard's isolated boss arena. It should be in a room with three floors, the ceiling mostly destroyed. Jump to the second floor to find a feather laying on top of a rusted box.

Centurion Area

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 2 Feather 2 Location

This feather is located in the Centurion's isolated boss arena. Right as you walk into the room, look to your left to find a feather resting atop a power box.

Captain Area

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 2 Feather 3 Location

You'll face the Taken Captain inside a generator room during the second week. Once the Captain is dead, run through the corridor on the other side of the room to find a Paracasual Feather at the end of the path.

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Hollowed Grove Path

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 2 Feather 4

Once you enter the Hollowed Grove, head to the linear path on the upper level as you did last week. You'll find the Paracasual Feather near a ledge above where you spawn from.

Boss Arena

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 2 Feather 5

Run to the waterfall at the back of the arena to find this feather.

Feather Locations: Week Three

Note: Stasis crystals denote where a feather location is. As long as you haven't finished the Birds of Prey feather quest step, there will be feathers in the locations described below.

Wizard Area

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 3 Feather 1

On your way to the Wizard Emisarry's arena, turn left instead of right when you reach the end of the first corridor. You'll have to kill a few Vex Goblins in your path. The feather will be lying in front of a closed door.

Centurion Area

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 3 Feather 2

Right after you defeat the Centurion, check the lone rusted box in the back of the room. A Paracasual Feather will be resting on top of it.

Captain Area

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 3 Feather 5 Start

Enter the Taken Captain's personal arena. After dealing with the Taken inside, you'll want to hop up to the top floor of the room. Run through the doorway and take a right.

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 3 Feather 3

You should now be in Crow's personal nest. A feather can be found on a table in one of the room's corners (shown by the Stasis crystal above).

Hollowed Grove Path

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 3 Feather 4

This feather is rather hard to miss. About halfway through the Hollowed Grove jumping puzzle, you'll have to jump up through a hole in a wall to progress. Instead of jumping through the hole, jump onto the small ledge on your right to find a feather.

Hollowed Grove Path

Destiny 2 Harbinger Week 3 Feather 5

Towards the end of the jumping section in the Hollowed Grove, you'll come across a broken railway guarded by two Taken Acolytes. Take them out, then follow the railway to the end. When it ends, turn right to find a feather hiding in a corner.

Step 3: Return To The Hawk Of Light

Destiny 2 Bird of Prey Step 3 Start

To claim your ship, you'll need to find it. Travel to the EDZ's Trostland. Head to the same building you start the Harbinger mission. Instead of entering the fireplace, jump up to the third floor. Run through the opened door and follow the path. Once outside, run into the pipe located on the cliffside you typically jump towards. Follow the path to reach the dam.

Destiny 2 Bird of Prey Step 3 Doorway

When you enter the dam, enter the door on your left instead of your right. This path will lead you to the circular room that precedes one of the Emissary's combat arenas. Jump up to the floor directly across from you, then continue down the linear path.

Destiny 2 Bird of Prey Step 3 Second Room

You should now be in the circular room that starts the second combat encounter. Instead of dropping down, turn left and jump up to the exit that normally takes you to the Hollowed Grove. A button prompt will appear that states "Commune with the Traveler." After a few snippets of dialogue from the Crow and Glint, the pathway will open. Run down the corridor, taking the first right you can. At the end of this path is the Radiant Accipiter ship. Commune with the ethereal hawk on the ship's left wing to finish the quest, granting you the Radiant Accipiter ship.

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