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Elemental Wells are a new mechanic introduced in Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen. Similar to the Charged with Light mechanic, players can equip armor mods that alter the benefits that these wells grant, ranging from increased Intellect to weapon damage.

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Players can obtain these mods from various vendors at the H.E.L.M. This guide will go over how Elemental Wells work, debunk a few synergies that don't work in-game, and showcase a few builds that should give you an idea of how to use these mods.

Note: This guide is focused on explaining the Elemental Well mechanic itself, not the mods associated with it. If you want to look at how each mod works, check out our Elemental Well mod guide.

Updated July 3rd, 2021, by Charles Burgar: Grandmaster Nightfalls and the Vault of Glass' upcoming hard mode have players theorycrafting the strongest builds possible to tackle these pinnacle PvE activities. Every good PvE build involves the use of Combat Style mods, Elemental Wells being tied to this mod slot. We've updated this guide to give more updated information on Elemental Wells, how to obtain them, and some sample builds that should kickstart the buildcrafting process.


What's An Elemental Well?

Destiny 2 Elemental Well

Elemental Wells are small orbs that grant ability energy when they are grabbed. They behave similarly to Orbs of Power, resting on the ground for a long duration before they despawn. When a player spawns a well, it appears for the entire fireteam. Wells are also instanced, meaning that the Elemental Wells you see on your screen are truly yours. Allies get their own instanced wells.

Elemental Well Effects

Destiny 2 Elemental Ordnance Mod

Here is a quick breakdown of what Elemental Wells do. This is regardless of your currently equipped Combat Style mods.

  • Effect: Gain 10% ability energy to your ability with the lowest current energy. If you grab a well that matches your subclass element, gain 10% ability energy to all abilities (grenade, melee, and class ability).
  • Duration: 20 seconds until it despawns.
  • Compatible Elements: Solar, Arc, Void, and Stasis

Elemental Wells also seem to have a lockout on how often they can spawn. When a mod causes a well to spawn, it cannot spawn another well for a handful of seconds (it seems to be around 2-4 seconds).

Elemental Well FAQ

Destiny 2 HELM Servitor

Elemental Wells are a rather unique mechanic that can be somewhat tough to understand at first. Before we delve into builds, let's clear up a few details first.

Can Elemental Wells Spawn In Crucible?

No. Similar to Warmind Cells, Elemental Wells cannot spawn in PvP. With that said, they can spawn in Gambit.

Are Elemental Wells Instanced?

Yes. They behave the same as Orbs of Power. Whenever you generate one, an ally can grab an Elemental Well without consuming your instanced well spawn.

What Armor Can Equip These Mods?

All non-sunset armor can equip these mods. Any armor from Shadowkeep and earlier cannot equip these mods.

How Can I Tell An Elemental Well's Element Type?

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The well's color correlates with its elemental affinity.

  • Solar: Orange
  • Arc: Light blue
  • Void: Purple
  • Stasis: Dark blue

Season of the Chosen's Elemental Well mods typically spawn wells that match your subclass element. Season of the Splicer's mods are more focused on spawning certain types of Elemental Wells based on actions you perform.

Is There An Easy Way Of Spawning Stasis Wells?

Yes. Pair Elemental Armaments with a Kinetic weapon with Osmosis. Throw a Stasis grenade to convert your weapon into a Stasis weapon, allowing you to spawn Stasis wells by killing enemies with your gun. Good Osmosis weapons include Fatebringer and Escape Velocity.

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Mods like Elemental Ordnance aren't recommended for spawning Stasis wells, as most Stasis kills occur from shatter damage instead of your abilities.

How To Obtain These Mods

Destiny 2 HELM

There are two vendors that sell Elemental Well mods, both of which can be found at the H.E.L.M. The War Table sells Season of the Chosen's Elemental Well mods, and the Splicer Servitor sells Season of the Splicer's Elemental Well mods. There are 13 mods in total. Mods from either vendor cost ten Mod Components.

War Table Mods

Destiny 2 Helm War Table Vendor

Season of the Chosen's mods are obtained from the War Table at the H.E.L.M. Two mods are sold each week on a weekly rotation. There are six mods in total. You don't need to meet any prerequisites to purchase the mods. If they're currently being sold, you can buy them.

Splicer Servitor Mods

Destiny 2 Helm Servitor Vendor

Season of the Splicer's mods are purchased from the Splicer Servitor in the west wing of the H.E.L.M. These mods are locked behind a reputation rank with the Servitor. You'll need to obtain Decrypted Data from Override chests and Seasonal Challenges to increase your rank with the Servitor, therefore unlocking these mods. You don't need to spend the Decrypted Data to increase your reputation; you just need to earn data.

The Servitor's mods are unlocked at the following reputation ranks:

  • Rank 1: Reaping Wellmaker
  • Rank 2: Well of Tenacity
  • Rank 4: Explosive Wellmaker
  • Rank 5: Well of Life
  • Rank 7: Overload Wellmaker
  • Rank 8: Well of Ions
  • Rank 10: Shieldcrash Wellmaker

All Elemental Well Mods

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Elemental Well Mods

As of Season of the Splicer, there are 13 Elemental Well mods you can obtain. If you want to learn how each mod works and powerful synergies you can exploit, check out our in-depth Elemental Well mod guide.

Elemental Well Builds

Destiny 2 Warlock Hunter Titan

You might be limited to PvE and Gambit with Elemental Wells, yet their synergy with Charged with Light and ability-focused builds make these mods worth using. We'll give two example builds to give you an idea of how you can make this mechanic suit your playstyle.

Charged With Wells

Destiny 2 Arcstrider Vs Taken Phalanx

Combining Charged with Light and Elemental Wells, this build allows your grenades to give you Charged with Light stacks, which can then be converted into any effect you desire.


Mod Name Description Notes
Elemental Charge Become Charged with Light by picking up an elemental well. If the elemental well's element type matches your subclass element, you gain 2 stacks of Charged with Light. None
Elemental Ordnance Defeating a combatant with a grenade spawns an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type. Persistent grenades can spawn multiple wells throughout their duration.

Now that you have a means of spawning Elemental Wells, you have three mod slots to spend or alter your Charged with Light stacks.

Mod Name Description Notes
Supercharged You can have 2 additional stacks of Charged with Light, up to a maximum of 5. None
Stacks of Stacks Gain an extra stack of Charged with Light for every stack you gain. Causes matching wells to grant x4 Charged with Light.
Protective Light While Charged with Light, you gain 50% damage resistance against combatants when your shields are destroyed. This effect consumes all stacks of Charged with Light. The more stacks consumed, the longer the damage resistance lasts. Lasts for 15 seconds with x4 stacks. -10 Strength while equipped.

If you don't want to use Protective Light, other good options include Firepower, High-Energy Fire, and Energy Converter.

Ability Spam

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Titan Behemoth

This build focuses on spawning as many Elemental Wells as possible, giving you a constant influx of ability energy. If you can convince members of your fireteam to use this build, you can have near-infinite abilities thanks to the number of Elemental Wells your team will be generating.


Mod Name Description Notes
Elemental Ordnance Defeating a combatant with a grenade spawns an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type. Persistent grenades can spawn multiple wells throughout their duration.
Elemental Armaments Weapons takedowns with a damage type that matches your subclass element have an escalating chance to spawn an elemental well. Takes around 5-10 kills to spawn a well.

To get the most out of these wells, you can use the following mods:

Mod Name Description Notes
Font of Might Picking up an elemental well grants energy to your ability with the lowest current energy. Picking up an elemental well whose element matches your subclass damage type grants energy to all of your abilities. Grants a 10% damage buff for 5 seconds.
Font of Wisdom Picking up an elemental well that matches your subclass energy type grants you a temporary significant increase in your Intellect, improving the recharge rate of your Super. Sets your Intellect to 100 for 30 seconds.
Well of Life Picking up a Solar elemental well grants increased regeneration for a short period of time. Health regeneration lasts 10 seconds and cannot be interrupted.

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