Destiny 2: Beyond Light introduces a suite of new Exotics for Guardians to try out. Some of these Exotics toy around with the new Stasis Subclass while others enhance older Subclasses or playstyles.

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Besides the sheer variety of Exotics in this expansion, the design of these Exotics from a visual and perk standpoint are some of the most unique Exotics in Destiny history. From a storm-casting Sniper Rifle to a poisonous pair of gloves, here are all of Beyond Light's Exotics ranked from worst to best. This list will not include Season of the Hunt Exotics such as Hawkmoon since those are not tied to the Beyond Light expansion itself.

11 Icefall Mantle

Destiny 2 Icefall Mantle Exotic

Icefall Mantle is an inferior version of One-Eyed Mask, granting a weak overshield by using your Titan class ability. While it works with any Subclass, an overshield that grants around 20 HP is not worth disabling your sprint, lift jump, ability to place a Barricade mid-combat, all while having to wait 20 seconds to use it again. Losing your Exotic kills this item in PvE while its plethora of negatives makes it tough to use in PvP. Just use One-Eyed Mask instead.


10 Salvation's Grip

Destiny 2 Salvation's Grip

Salvation's Grip is Destiny 2's first true utility Exotic. Unlike Traveler's Chosen, this weapon is useless when used as a normal Grenade Launcher. This weapon is built specifically to create Stasis crystals. These crystals can be manipulated to freeze targets, create giant explosions, generate cover in unconventional locations, or even grant ability energy thanks to certain Stasis Aspects and Fragments.

It is easily the worst Exotic in the game when viewed as a DPS weapon, yet its utility can be build-enabling inside of PvE. This weapon's usefulness in PvP and Gambit is limited at best due to the scarcity of Heavy ammo in those activities. Those that can embrace this weapon's niche can find great success with Salvation's Grip, otherwise, this weapon is a waste of an Exotic slot.

9 Dawn Chorus

Destiny 2 Dawn Chorus

Dawn Chorus was built specifically to make Attunement of Flame a viable PvE spec. The burn damage is negligible at best, although the melee energy is enough to grant a melee charge after five seconds of burning someone.

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The real value of this Exotic comes from the damage boost while in Daybreak, granting up to 500% increased damage after eight Daybreak projectiles hit a target. Warlocks finally have a competitive PvE DPS Super, although the neutral game benefits this Exotic provides are hard to capitalize on inside of 3v3 Crucible game modes.

8 Athrys's Embrace

Destiny 2 Athrys's Embrace

Athrys's Embrace is a fantastic PvP Exotic that all Hunters should consider using. The Weighted Knife buff is enough to one-tap Guardians to the body in PvP. More importantly, this buff grants an aim assist buff that lets the knife ricochet off entire buildings to kill someone. Athrys's Embrace grants free kills in PvP and makes for a solid means of stunning Unstoppable Champions in PvE.

7 Necrotic Grip

Destiny 2 Necrotic Grip

Most Warlock melee abilities are terrible. Necrotic Grip might not change their functionality, but this Exotic does give them an absurd degree of add-clear. One melee kill will proliferate a poison effect to nearby targets that can clear entire rooms of enemies on its own. Pairing this Exotic with Thorn turns that weapon into a two-tapping machine in PvP and a great add-clearing Primary in PvE.

6 Precious Scars

Destiny 2 Precious Scars

Precious Scars effectively gives you a mobile Well of Radiance Super after you revive or are revived. The overshield grants around 100 HP, the radius is about twice as large as Well of Radiance, and the duration lasts for ten seconds. For clarity, this Exotic does not grant a regeneration buff or damage bonus like Well of Radiance does. Note that if the Precious Scars user has their overshield broken, the Exotic effect ends.

Titans will want to swap to this item when they die or are about to revive a teammate to get the most out of it. This Exotic can swing 3v3 Crucible games and contest modifier raids. If a teammate dies in Trials, you can turn their death into an advantage as long as you can revive them. All Titan players should have this item ready when they are entering any competitive PvE or PvP activity.

5 Eyes Of Tomorrow

Destiny 2 Eyes of Tomorrow

Eyes of Tomorrow is a strange mix between Destiny's Gjallarhorn and Destiny 2's Wardcliff Coil. This weapon deals an absurd amount of damage when it hits a non-boss target, has the same tracking as Truth, and fires six projectiles similar to Wardcliff Coil.

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This weapon does have a severe damage penalty against bosses, sadly preventing it from being a good DPS weapon in raids or Grandmaster Nightfalls. That said, this weapon is excellent for taking down Champions in PvE. Eyes of Tomorrow is also top-tier in Gambit.

4 No Time To Explain

Destiny 2 No Time To Explain

No Time to Explain is a fantastic weapon in every game type due to its solid damage output. This gun's time portal outputs a surprising amount of damage against PvE foes and Guardians alike. Using No Time to Explain as a mid-range weapon in PvP can allow you to shut down entire lanes thanks to the time portal's sheer aggression. For PvE, the Rewind Again perk allows this gun to take down majors with little issue. No matter the game mode, this gun is a great choice.

3 Cloudstrike

Destiny 2 Cloudstrike

For an Energy Sniper Rifle, Cloudstrike can rival many Heavy weapons with its damage output. Lightning storms can easily take down red bars and severely damage majors and bosses. For PvP, Cloustrike is excellent for shutting down revives since the lightning storm can instantly-kill Guardians. PvE, PvP, and Gambit can equally take advantage of this gun's high AoE damage.

2 Mask Of Bakris

Destiny 2 Mask of Bakris Exotic Helmet

What sounds like a PvP-only Exotic is shockingly good in PvE thanks to Light Shift's second sentence. The damage bonus is 10% increased Arc damage while all slows increase the damage the slowed targets takes by 10%, both of which stack with other buffs and debuffs. With the right build, this helmet can give Hunters the highest burst DPS in the game.

As for PvP, Mask of Bakris is excellent for evading Supers or grenades. Its true strength comes from using it aggressively with Winter's Shroud, slowing targets while repositioning your character with every dodge. The ten-second lockout from dodging keeps this item in check, preventing it from becoming unquestionably overpowered. Hunters that rely on their dodges might want to stick with Dragon's Shadow or Wormhusk Crown, but those that want an additional way to outplay opponents have finally found an Exotic for them.

1 The Lament

Destiny 2 The Lament

The Lament's damage output is so ludicrous that this weapon must have been created with Exotic sunsetting in mind. This weapon makes one-phasing raid bosses trivial and turns all pinnacle PvE content into a breeze. Even Nightfalls don't stand a chance since this weapon has Anti-Barrier baked into its revved attacks.

Any opponent that could kill you will be staggered by Lament's damage output while every attack will heal you. This weapon will unquestionably be nerfed or sunset at some point in the future.

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