This article contains major spoilers for Destiny 2's Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is filled with a myriad of secrets that span both Europa and the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Tons of collectibles have been discovered on the icy moon, yet there is much more to find if players look hard enough.

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The Deep Stone Crypt raid has a few secrets of its own, most notably the various Exo Stranger Logs or Data Pads that are scattered throughout the raid. More than that, there are a few hidden details Bungie left in the raid that might surprise even the most knowledgeable of Guardians. From Data Pads to hidden enemies, here are ten secrets tied to Destiny 2's Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Exo Stranger Log 1

Destiny 2 Exo Stranger Log 1

Guardians can find the first Data Pad right after the opening Sparrow section. Enter the Deep Stone Crypt as normal and pass the first automatic door. Instead of heading left towards the Crypt Security encounter, travel right and jump behind the Clovis Bray box tucked away in the corner. A Data Pad is right behind the box.

Exo Stranger Log 2

Destiny 2 Exo Stranger Log 2

After you beat the first encounter with Crypt Security, walk into the massive room with the Darkness statue but don't jump down. Travel towards the pipes on the left part of the room and climb on top of them. The tallest pipe will have a Data Pad sitting atop of it.


Exo Stranger Log 3

Destiny 2 Exo Stranger Log 3
Via: Ninja Pups (YouTube)

The third Data Pad can be found directly after the second hidden chest in the raid. Complete the second encounter against Atraks-1 and follow the space jumping puzzle. When you cross the second set of rotating blades on the Morning Star, look down to find a metal platform as seen earlier. Jump down onto the platform to find the third Data Pad.

Exo Stranger Log 4

Destiny 2 Space Station

Another Data Pad can be found during the space platforming section of the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Right as you reach the top of the Morning Star where the two Brigs lie in wait, make a sharp right and follow the path to the very end. The fourth Data Pad will be waiting for you there.

Exo Stranger Log 5

Destiny 2 Exo Stranger Log 5

Data Pad five is found just before the third encounter. When you first enter Rapture—the zone just before your first encounter with Taniks—look for a large, red generator tucked away near a wall. Jump on top of this generator to find the final Data Pad in the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Secret # 1: Atraks-1 Is A Fallen Captain

Destiny 2 Atraks-1 Standard Fallen
Via: JB3 (YouTube)

Atraks-1 is rather unique in that she is a boss that is made up of multiple enemies. Multiple copies of her Exo body patrol both Europa and space during the second encounter. It seems that in order for Atraks-1 to have a single health bar, Bungie had to cheat a little bit.

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See, Atraks-1 is actually a Fallen Captain that sits in the room directly after the second encounter. Whenever one of Atraks' clones takes damage, that damage is cloned and placed on this Fallen Captain. It seems that Destiny 2's Tiger engine doesn't let a group of enemies contribute to a collective health pool, hence why this Captain exists.

The reason this is noteworthy is Atraks-1 can be beaten solo thanks to this developer hack. Players can reach this Fallen Captain by using Salvations Grip on the door that leads to the third encounter. Stand next to the door, fire Salvation's Grip at your feet to encapsulate yourself in Stasis, then crouch. What should happen is the game will push you through the door and allow you to explore the area. Equip a Power weapon of choice and proceed down the hallway to find a Fallen Captain hilariously called "Atraks-1, Fallen Exo." Kill it to beat the encounter, bypassing every mechanic tied to this boss fight. For a video guide on how to do this, visit Esoterickk's YouTube channel.

Secret # 2: The Darkness Statue Breathes

Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt Raid Darkness Statue

If the Darkness statue before the Atraks encounter wasn't creepy enough, did you know that this statue breathes? Stand beside the statue and stare at its chest. The statue's chest will begin to expand before contracting.

This supposed statue is breathing! Its cloak also sways slightly, suggesting that this statue is a living entity. When combined with the ominous whispers you hear while beside the statue, it becomes clear that this might be a living Veil entity.

Secret # 3: Taniks Laughs When He Dies

Destiny 2 Taniks The Abomination

Taniks has survived multiple deaths from the hands of Guardians throughout the Destiny franchise. What was first a humble strike boss has become the ultimate encounter in Beyond Light's raid.

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Even though players kill Taniks at the end of the Deep Stone Crypt raid, it seems that Taniks isn't truly dead. Right as Taniks falls to the ground, he will begin to laugh repeatedly. Players can only hear it if they are right next to Taniks' corpse. There's a good chance that Taniks will live to fight another day.

Secret # 4: Unique Exo Dialogue

Destiny 2 Clovis Bray AI

Exos will be treated to a unique piece of dialogue during the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Upon entering the building after the opening Sparrow encounter, players will be greeted by the Clovis Bray AI.

Non-Exo players will hear that a humanoid entity is traveling towards Clarity Control, the first encounter of the raid. Exo players will instead hear, "Exo lifeforms present. Welcome home." For those unaware, nearly every Exo in the Destiny franchise originates from the Deep Stone Crypt, which is why the Clovis AI can so quickly detect your character's origin. The Deep Stone Crypt is the birthplace of all Exos, a horrifying place that gives most Exos nightmares. After uncovering the raid's secrets, it's easy to see why.

Secret # 5: Two Hidden Chests

Destiny 2 Second Hidden Chest
Via: Charlie INTEL

As with most raids in Destiny 2, there are two hidden chests that offer raid-exclusive armor Mods and duplicate items you've earned before. These chests also grant ten Spoils of Conquest, making these chests a great source of Spoils for players that have three characters.

The first hidden chest can be found at the very end of the opening Sparrow encounter. Once you reach the final heat bubble that is protected by Brigs, jump off of your Sparrow and head towards the icy cliffside on your right. Climb up the ledges to find a hidden chest nestled between a few walls of ice.

As for the second hidden chest, players must reach the Morning Star jumping puzzle after the second encounter to find it. Travel down the left-most fork of the zone to find a set of metal platforms. Follow the metal platforms to find the hidden chest directly on the path. The path will be visible right after the first set of rotating blades on the space station.

Both chests are obtainable solo on all three classes if players know how to glitch outside of the map. YouTuber Ninja Pups has a video on how to do this that you can watch here.

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