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Destiny 2's Presage mission is notable for its tense atmosphere, memorable encounters, and the sheer number of collectibles it has. Guardians can find 15 unique scannable objects and 12 datapads throughout this mission, making it the most feature-rich Exotic mission Bungie has ever released.

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Since only one datapad can be opened per week, most Guardians will want to direct their attention towards the 15 scannable objects this mission has. They behave a little bit differently than past Exotic missions, rotating based on your character's collectible progress rather than a weekly rotation. The payoff for finding all 15 is an Exotic Ghost Shell named the Shell of Gilgamesh. Those chasing Triumphs or Ghost Shells will want to find all 15. Let's go over where you can find all of them.

How Presage's Collectibles Work

Destiny 2 Presage Glykon Ship

Presage has a strange way of handling collectibles. Unlike Harbinger and previous Exotic quest missions, Presage's collectibles aren't tied to a weekly rotation. Instead, the collectibles that spawn are bound to which ones you've found thus far. While there are 15 collectibles to find in total, they are grouped together in what we'll be referring to as "sets."


For example, the first set of collectibles on Presage are in a group of five. If you found four of these collectibles in a given week, next week's Presage mission will spawn the same five collectibles again since you didn't scan all of them. Once you've found every collectible for a given week, the next set of collectibles will spawn on the following weekly reset. There are three sets of collectibles to find, meaning it'll take a minimum of three weeks to obtain all 15 of them.

Set One Collectibles

If you're just starting to hunt for Presage's collectibles, the following five will be the first set you can scan. You'll have to scan all of them before the second set spawns the following week.

Collectible #1: After The First Spore Cluster

Destiny 2 Glykon Collectible 1

After you break the first spore cluster in the Presage mission, pass the Darkness fog gate to find a Cabal corpse hanging amongst some Darkness flora. Scan the corpse for some lore.

Collectible #2: Electric Room

Destiny 2 Glykon Collectible 2

When you drop down into the Electric Room, cross the gap to your left. The following room will have a broken Scorn Totem you can scan just before the dual Darkness fog gate.

Collectible #3: Hangar

Destiny 2 Glykon Collectible 3

After you finish the combat encounter in the first hangar, jump atop the human-looking ship at the end of the hangar and scan it. It's adjacent to the exit. You'll have to look at the Calus ornaments for the interact icon to appear.

Collectible #4: Maze

Destiny 2 Glykon Collectible 4

When you enter the maze encounter towards the end of the Presage mission—the room with a dead Scorn Chieftain on an operating table—follow the main path to the adjacent room. Kill the Screebs, then interact with the nearby switch to reveal a fuse at the end of the room.

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You'll want to break this fuse, jump up the platform that the electric grid was guarding, then turn left into the dark corridor. Scan the tubes lying in the corner.

Collectible #5: After The Final Boss

Destiny 2 Glykon Collectible 5

Upon defeating the final boss, enter the air vent that your waypoint guides you through. Before you drop down to claim Dead Man's Tale, turn around. Jump over the chest-high wall to find a Calus hologram you can scan.

Scan all five of these collectibles, then complete the Presage mission to obtain the Fragments of an Answer Triumph.

Set Two Collectibles

Presage's second set of collectibles has six scannable items you can find. You'll have to find the previous five collectibles from the first set before these will spawn.

Collectible #1: After The First Spore Cluster

Destiny 2 Presage Glykon Week 2 Collectible Clue 1

Once you break the first spore cluster, jump up to the air vent in the top left corner of the room as you would normally. When you enter the vent, scan the Cabal terminal to your left.

Collectible #2: Electric Room

Destiny 2 Presage Glykon Week 2 Collectible Clue 2

Make your way to the second gap in the electric room, just before you break your first fuse to open a hatch. Before you cross the second gap, turn left to scan the destroyed Scorpius Turret.

Collectible #3: Second Hangar

Destiny 2 Presage Glykon Week 2 Collectible Clue 3

Defeat the Scorn in the first hangar, then make your way to the adjacent hangar.

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Instead of climbing atop the docked ship, run under it to find a Cabal Incinerator fuel tank you can scan.

Collectible #4: Maze Starting Room

Destiny 2 Presage Glykon Week 2 Collectible Clue 4

You can find this collectible in the maze encounter's starting room. Walk towards the Scorn Chieftain corpse in the center of the room to receive an "investigate" prompt. Scan it to reveal some twisted lore.

Collectible #5: Final Platforming Section

Destiny 2 Presage Glykon Week 2 Collectible Clue 5

You can scan the missing Guardian's Ghost Shell during the penultimate encounter. During the platforming section just before the Raid Banner room, make a right u-turn around the first fence to find this collectible.

Collectible #6: Final Room

Destiny 2 Presage Glykon Week 2 Collectible Clue 6

When you drop down to the final room in Presage, drop down the bridge and turn around. Scan the Chalice of Opulence sitting atop a pile of gold.

Once you've found all six collectibles from this set, you'll be given the Another Link in the Chain Triumph.

Set Three Collectibles

The third and final set for Presage has only four collectibles to find. You'll have to find the previous six collectibles from set two and wait until the weekly reset before you can scan the next four.

Collectible #1: Electric Room

Destiny 2 Presage Week 3 Collectible 1

Defeat the first pack of Screebs in the electric room, then jump up the slightly elevated platform to your left. Scan the sweeper bot laying beside a Cabal terminal.

Collectible #2: Hangar

Destiny 2 Presage Week 3 Collectible 2

On your way between the first and seconds hangars, look up to find a raised platform. Jump onto the platform to find a communication array you can scan.

Collectible #3: Second Hangar

Destiny 2 Presage Week 3 Collectible 3 Datapad

Enter the second hangar of the Glykon. Face left of the massive hangar door to find a yellow Cabal terminal lying in a corner.

Collectible #4: Raid Banner Room

Destiny 2 Presage Week 3 Collectible 4

You can scan the Cabal canisters and tarp laying in the corner of the Raid Banner room.

After you've investigated these last four collectibles and completed the Presage mission, you'll be granted the All the Scattered Pieces Triumph. Claim it from your Triumphs tab to obtain the Shell of Gilgamesh.

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