Danganronpa V3 offers a lot more to do than the previous games in the series and famously includes secret cutscenes that add a bit more depth to the characters. Many players can go through the whole game without triggering a single cutscene as they are incredibly hard to trigger, even when you know about them.

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Triggering one relies partly on knowledge and partly on having enough luck to get ahold of the items needed to unlock them. If you are trying to see everything the game has to offer, then keep reading to learn how to unlock every secret cutscene in Danganronpa V3.

How to Unlock Secret Cutscenes in Danganronpa V3

New Decadance Monomono Machine

To unlock Danganronpa V3's six special cutscenes, you are going to need a bit of luck as all of the items come from the MonoMono machine and are given based on the game's RNG system. This means that it's near impossible to have all these items on your first playthrough.

Once you do obtain them, you also have to speak with characters at specific times in order to unlock the secret cutscenes. It's best to make a quick save at the beginning of each chapter just in case you mess up. The spoiler-free chart below tells you which item you need to have in your inventory and how to unlock the corresponding secret scene:

Chapter Item Needed How to Unlock
Chapter One 028 (Nail Brush) After you're done going through the library with Shuichi, speak with Tsumugi.
Chapter Two 062 (Commemorative Medal Set) The morning after your first session of night training, talk to Miu.
Chapter Two 078 (Everywhere Parasol) After unlocking the new parts of the school but before going to the gym, speak with Tenko.
Chapter Three 111 (Gun of Man's Passion) When the Monokubs summon the class, talk to Himiko
Chapter Four 112 (Pure-White Practice Sword) Talk to Kaito in the morning after you hear a long announcement.
Chapter Four 113 (Dark Belt) After training, speak with Himiko the next morning.

In addition to these, there is the Key of Love that can be bought at the casino in exchange for 10,000 casino coins. This item won't be available until Chapter Two, and when used, will trigger a scene with a random living character. These scenes are NSFW and aren't considered to be canon; the item can be used in the Love Across the Universe mode as well, making it possible to get every character's scene.

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