Danganronpa V3 brings back collectibles to the series, and finding them can bounce between easy to completely frustrating. Hidden Monokumas have always been a staple in the series, and while they aren't super hard to find, you have to know where to look for them and during which chapter.

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It can be easy to miss one when you don't know where to look for it, and running through a chapter a second time just to find it isn't ideal. If you want to find them all, then keep reading as the guide below tells you the chapter and location of every single one of the hidden Monokumas in the game.

Where To Find All Hidden Monokumas

Close up of Monokuma's face.

There are a total of 30 hidden Monokumas that can be found throughout Danganronpa V3. Each one of them is hidden in a different location in the game, with five of them being found inside one of the mini-games during their chapter's respective trials. Each chapter contains five for you to find making them evenly divided throughout the game. The spoiler-free chart below includes the location of every hidden Monokuma in the game:

Chapter Locations
Chapter One In the corner of the game room, near the arcade cabinets.
Chapter One In the sink in the girl's bathroom.
Chapter One In the Hangman's Gambit mini-game.
Chapter One On a bench near the dormitories.
Chapter One On top of a table between the gym and the lunchroom.
Chapter Two Under the fence between the lunchroom and the dormitory.
Chapter Two Inside of Miu's lab.
Chapter Two On an upper shelf near the entrance of the warehouse.
Chapter Two Found in Psyche Taxi.
Chapter Two Under the table outside of Maki's lab.
Chapter Three In Kaede's lab.
Chapter Three In the boiler room's center.
Chapter Three In the Mind Mine mini-game.
Chapter Three Next to Hotel Kumasutra.
Chapter Three On the steps leading to the Trial of Judgement.
Chapter Four In Tenko's lab.
Chapter Four On the second-floor ledge.
Chapter Four In the basement stairwell on top of the unused desks.
Chapter Four Found in Hangman's Gambit.
Chapter Four The stairs on the boy's side of the dormitory.
Chapter Five Outside Shuichi's lab.
Chapter Five Found in the Psyche Taxi mini-game.
Chapter Five On the headless statue near the stairs to the fifth floor
Chapter Five On top of the film set in Tsumugi's lab.
Chapter Five Center of K1-B0's lab.
Chapter Six At the start of the investigation, go to the end of the corridor instead of entering the cave.
Chapter Six In the Mind Mine mini-game that comes after you learn the identity of the mastermind.
Chapter Six In the fifth-floor staircase.
Chapter Six Floating in the air near the Death Road of Despair.
Chapter Six on the staircase on the sixth floor.

Each Monokuma has its own 3D model, and after collecting them, you can examine them in Shuichi's room.

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