Animal Crossing 2.0 changed things for a lot of players and, in many ways, made island life easier. One of the best and most surprising additions to the game was the ability to enact ordinances. These can make it much easier to play the game if you have an early or late schedule, can help keep your island more beautiful, or even help you make more money selling items.

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You will need to have a few steps completed to use them though. Keep reading the guide below to learn how to access ordinances and what each one of them does.

How to Change Your Island Ordinance

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Ordinances won't be unlocked from the beginning of the game, so you will need to put in a bit of work in order to access them. Be advised that you will need to pay 20,000 bells every time you decide to enact a new ordinance. Here's what you need to do to use ordinances:

  • Have the resident services building.
  • Have a three-star island.
  • Have K.K. Slider perform his first show.

After K.K. has performed his show, you should see ordinances unlock the very next day. All you need to do from here is speak with Isabelle and select which ordinance you want to put into effect. Be warned, though; you can only change these only once a day. In addition, the Ordinance won't go into effect until the daily reset.

All The Different Ordinances In New Horizons

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There are four ordinances to pick from, each with its own ups and downs. Of course, if you don't like these you can always just go back to the default setting. Below is what each one does and when it's best to use it:

Ordinance What it Does When to Use it
Early Bird Villagers will wake up early and stores will open an hour earlier. If your lifestyle has you going to bed late.
Night Owl Shops stay open an hour later and your neighbors will be up later at night. If your lifestyle has you getting up early.
Bell Boom Increases the buying and selling price of items by 20%. This is best used when you have collected a large stock of items to sell off and should be switched off right afterward.
Beautiful This reduces weeds, trash from the water, removes cockroaches, and programs your villagers to water the flowers on your island. This is the ordinance you really want to keep on when you're not using any of the others as it just makes your island life much more pleasant.

Early bird and night owl are great for those who also don't want to time travel but have a hard time getting tasks done on their islands. Keep in mind that you can change these at any time, and like most things, if you need to change them right away, you can always time travel to convince Isabelle to enact another ordinance.

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